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10 Things I want from Twitter for Christmas

1. Default shorting of all URL’s like that: I copy a 3547 symbol URL in the Twitter box and it copies (automatically before I hit the update button) as 7 symbols max.

2. RT function that is actually showing by the Twitter API. Thanks for the new RT thingy, but how are people who are not on Twitter supposed to see my RT’s from the websites where the API {does not} post{s} {them}?

3. Maps 101: Option to show Map URL of the actual location from where the post is posted traced by IP. I want to know if Paris Hilton is really at the Tigers’ game in Clemson, SC or this redneck dude is just pulling my leg.

4. Maps 102: Option to show Map URL of the actual location which I am talking about and/or rout map to where I am going. Just about every new phone supports maps and navigation nowadays. Otherwise, how am I supposed to lead via Twitter if I have to go to other sites just to show a map to my followers?

5. Native picture utility/website with option to control who sees them; don’t dig TwitPic too much when every face recognition software can access it without a warrant {not that I need to hide my face for any reason}

6. Notification when someone decides to unfollow me. If you are going to spam me when they follow, I want you to email me when they unfollow.

7. Complete statistics – not just tweets, follow and lists. I want to know when & by who my tweets are retweeted and more…

8. A complete history of everything I have ever said on Twitter as stupid as it may have been. If I said it, I ought to own it. It cannot be that much with 140 symbol messages, right? But if you need extra servers for the purpose, raise the money like Wikipedia or read my next request {we can all benefit from it}

9. Dare I say Google ads for tweets? They do support link ads, you know. Adam Smith said: “If the reward should at any time be less than what was requisite for this purpose, the deficiency of hands would soon raise it.” I second that. Customers want to get something – not just wait outside, even if it’s Outback.

10. And finally, get me Jay Leno back to the Tonight Show. Please …

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